Hi, I’m Julia. A creative and analytical content creator.

When I was a little girl, I did not dream of becoming a writer. I dreamed of becoming a scientist. Why? Because I wanted to solve the mysteries of the world and help educate people of our complex relationship with it. As I began my academic journey through middle and high school, small minded people often tried to tell me that I needed to choose between a focus on English or Science. You could be skilled in English or you could be skilled in Science, but never both. What they later realized was that I was a grand exception.

Throughout high school I focused my course load with science classes; however, my teachers recognized my talent for persuasive and informative writing. To manifest this skill they highly encouraged me to participate in my high school’s chapter of the International Baccalaureate Program, a writing-focused educational program preparing students for success in higher education and life in a global society. This program gave me a jump-start in my professional career. Instead of memorizing facts in AP classes, I was effectively using analysis and logical reasoning for a greater breadth and depth of knowledge. I also credit the IB program with the birth of my love for Spanish. My junior year I was given the opportunity to study abroad at the University of San José in Costa Rica.

I began my career at Indiana University as a Hudson & Holland Scholar studying Biology and Chemistry in 2017, but soon this would all change. One day as I was studying for a Chemistry test with my peers, I had an epiphany. Many of my classmates could follow the instructions of our chemical formulas and various interactions of energies, but most were not able to understand what it meant. I thought to myself: What is the point of information if we are not able to interpret it and relate it to our every day life? I heard my call to action: to become the bridge to that gap between information and the way that we utilize it in our everyday lives.

As a rising senior at Indiana University, I am pursuing a major in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations as well as a major in Hispanic Studies. I have also completed a minor from the accredited Kelley School of Business. In my free time I enjoy writing content for my personal blog, volunteering as a hippo-therapy assistant for disabled youth and practicing and competing with the Indiana University Hunt Seat Equestrian Team. Currently I am studying abroad at the University of Seville in southern Spain where I have enjoyed advancing my written and spoken Spanish, traveling around Europe and giving back to the community by volunteer teaching English to elementary students at Colegio San Miguel de Nervión. My interests also include the environment, animals and music.

I launched my journalism career last summer working as an editorial intern for Young Hollywood in Los Angeles. As a part of the editorial team at YH, I actively collaborated with Senior Editor Katie Marzullo to research and publish news content to their entertainment programming site. I also helped personalize their social media and fielded new opportunities for YH.

For the last year in Bloomington, I have successfully balanced my demanding course load with my position as a head member of Kilroy’s Sports Bar’s Promotional and Sales Team. I have added great value to the Kilroy’s team by fostering a productive climate and coaching team to meet high performance standards, building trusting relationships with customers and marketing services to target customers by highlighting their benefits. Throughout my professional career I have consistently been praised by my superiors for stepping up as a leader. My philosophy towards leadership is to lead by example, cultivating a positive and inspiring environment for others.

Currently I am looking for a full time position in the field of Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism or Real Estate and am open to all opportunities. If you have a position available or are interested in working together, I encourage you to reach out to me! For my resume and more information about my special skills, please click here!

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